Foxy Lady Puppy

ROFLMAO!!!!!!! We got the boys groomed tonight.  OMG does Denzel look funny!!!  We had him cut down to about 1/2” because he was so matted.  Well, I forgot to have her leave his mane & he looks like a fat little fox!!!! LMAO!!  He was so embarrassed when we picked him up that he buried his head.  He actually likes it now, though.  And he’s SO much lighter.  Who knew fur would account for that much weight.  Never in the life of my dogs did I think that it was possible for Denzel to actually be smaller then Reggie.  If I didn’ know better I’d think he was a pup.  *giggle*

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2 Responses to Foxy Lady Puppy

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh! You should take a picture of Denzel’s new do so we can see!! Bet he’s just strutting around now. LOL!

  2. Sharon says:

    Bet those boyz are feelin’ mighty fine now! Poor Denzel… he gets a groovy new ‘do and his mom & dad laugh at him. Post us some pics of them!

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