First Visit:  Nerve Wracking

We had our first appointment today.  It was very nerve wracking.  Initially he was going to have me come back another day because there are a ton of forms I needed to fill out but they didn’t send me.  Then he saw a note that I called yesterday about the cramps & started asking me more questions about them.  The cramping that I was having could mean that the egg is in my tube.  He decided to do an exam right away instead of having me come back so he could see how things were going.  He also mentioned that he wanted to get me in for an ultrasound as soon as he can determine what might happen.  There was a lot of talk about miscarriage – nothing for sure but the possibility.  That’s scary enough in itself.  After the exam he said he thinks I’m about 6 weeks along and explained that he wanted me go to the lab to have my blood drawn.  If my hCG levels aren’t above 10,000 I will miscarry if I didn’t start to already.  They’re going to call Adam at home as soon as the test results are available & he’s going to schedule me for their first available ultrasound if that’s the next step.  On a happier note, if everything checks out okay during the ultrasound, he said they’ll be able to determine my exact due date – give or take a day or two.  I am very pleased I chose the Adam’s doctor to be my primary care provider.  He’s very sweet, caring, & actually kind of funny.  He actually heard my heart murmur, too…. not many other doctors have because it’s so minut.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh, how scary! I guess that would be quite nerve wracking. I hope everything will be okay. Keep thinking positive!!! smile

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