Darn Painters & PPO Providers

They are doing some major remodeling at work & when I got here this morning the entire mezzanine where my cubical is was filled with strong paint fumes.  I spent about a half hour trying to track down my manager so I could tell him to see if he could move me temporarily until they’re done painting.  I finally gave up & went to talk to his manager.  Once I explained that I was preggy & couldn’t be around paint fumes, he hunted down a couple people & got me relocated out of there ASAP.  Well, one of the women in administration that was handling my move took it upon herself to tell my direct manager (and a few others) that I was pregnant.  I was a little irritated because I wanted to tell him myself but couldn’t find him quick enough.  Originally I was going to tell him after my appointment tomorrow.  The majority of the department also knows now because I work in cube-land & nothing can be kept quite from eavesdroppers.  Grrrrrr.

Oh yeah… and I was about 15 minutes late coming in to work this morning because I kept feeling nauseated & dizzy.  I called the nurse at the clinic I go to about some cramping I am having but she told me that it’s not uncommon (strange to me seeing that they get so bad I’m in the fetal position at times to relieve them) so I shouldn’t worry about it unless I started spotting & said the doctor will be doing an exam tomorrow.  I was miffed that she dismissed it so quickly (I don’t think I was on the phone with her for a full minute).  I realize that some cramping is common but, holy crap, I didn’t know that over 2 weeks of rip-your-uterus-out type of pain would be considered normal.  I guess we’ll see.  I know if I end up not moving from the Green Bay area that I want to go to a different doctor anyway so I can go to the hospital that has the better birthing center.  I just didn’t want to have to pay an extra $100 deductible for a non-PPO doctor if we’re going to be moving soon – the first $250 is hard enough to swallow knowing that there’s a possibility I might have to start another deductible with another insurance company in a few months.

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