I’ve got a bun in the oven!

Saturday Adam & I took a cruise up to Michigan to tell our families the good news.  It felt awesome that everyone was really excited for us.  When we told Adam’s mom she was so happy that she cried… and made me cry, too!  I know it was a bit early to tell everyone since I haven’t even been to my first doctor visit but I just couldn’t wait.  We also told our best friends (I told Danielle, Adam told Claude) but are going to wait until after my appointment on Tuesday to continue spreading the news.  The only family member we haven’t told yet is Mike because he was busy yesterday when we got back home.  Adam wants to tell him in person instead of over the phone.  Hopefully we can catch up to him really soon here.  I thought it was very cute that Chip even called me today to see if I got ahold of Sharon & asked what I wanted him to paint for the wedding since I can’t be around paint fumes.  I wish I could have talked to him longer but I felt so icky all day & was half out of it when he called.  *sigh*  I love my big brother – he’s so awesome! :-D

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