No Returns/Credit/Exchanges

So, I go to Subway for lunch today & paid with my debit card.  When I got back to work I was looking at my receipt & saw on the bottom, before the signature line, “No Returns/Credit/Exchanges” After 30 Days.  Now picture this…….. 29 days later you find your sub you forgot to eat sitting in the fridge & bring it back to subway for a return, credit, or exchange.  What do you think their reaction might be? LMAO.  First of all, EIIIIIIIIW.  The sub would be soggy & smelly & possibly moldy.  Second, do you honestly think that they’d give you a return, credit, or exchange?  I think not.  I may have to bring it to their attention next time I go to see what they say. wink

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2 Responses to No Returns/Credit/Exchanges

  1. Jeanne says:

    LOL! That’s funny! I’d ask for an exchange. Maybe the program for credit cards automatically puts that on the receipt. Ha ha… I’ll have to mention that to Rach next time she goes to Subway and have her uses her debit card just to see what the receipt from town says.

  2. Pauline says:

    Hahah! If that’s the case, I have 2 subs in the fridge…maybe I’ll go exchange them!

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