Can’t People in Green Bay Drive?

We finally got some snow down here in the past few days.  This morning I was on my way to work & I found something rather amusing.  Within the first 16 miles (20 minutes) I counted 18, yes that is 1-8, cars that were in the ditch or tracks where cars went in the ditch.  I can’t even say that was for the whole 16 mile stretch because the first 5 miles of my ride is getting from my house to the highway & off the ramp.  Idiots. LOL.

I do have to say that I was rather disappointed when vehicle #7 or 8 was a Jeep that was left there.  The wuss probably didn’t have a 4-wheel drive so I think I’ll disqualify that person as a true Jeep owner.  If they had a real Jeep they could have kicked it into 4-wheel drive & got out of there.  Wusses.

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3 Responses to Can’t People in Green Bay Drive?

  1. Sharon says:

    LOL!!! Yoopers are the only ones that can drive in snow and make it to work without going in the ditch… most of us, anyway! :D

  2. Jeanne says:

    Crazy drivers! Can’t they even know they are s’pose to slow down and take it easy when the roads are snow covered. That’ll learn ’em!

  3. Pauline says:

    LOL…that’ll teach ’em!

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