*Wigglin’ my buns*

My christmas spirit tackled me last night & knocked me senseless.  I’m just giddy today & can’t wait until Christmas.  I think I’m probably as excited as Seanie – if not more. LMAO!!

I don’t care if the house is clean or not.  I don’t care that my car’s not running again (but I’m extremely grateful that my sweetie is taking time out from his important projects to fix it for me).  I don’t care that I’m having problems finishing my shopping cuz I know it will still get done & I’m having so much fun doing it.  I don’t care that we don’t have the money to do as much shopping as I’d like.  It’s unbelievable… all the stress is gone.  My Christmas Spirit knocked the crap out of it.  It’s been sooooo long since I haven’t felt stressed I forgot what it feels like to feel good!  Even cranky customers aren’t bothering me today! *giggle*

I can’t wait to see my family on Christmas Day.  I can’t wait for Adam’s family to comes down the day after Christmas.  I can’t wait to have Christmas in my house again – my poor little living room is gonna be just packed.  A-HAHAHAHA!

Oh yeah!  Adam gave me some good news last night (after my christmas spirit tackled me)… it looks like his job search ended.  We’ll know more tomorrow morning.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Well it’s about time you got into the Christmas spirit! You’re cutting it pretty close this year. http://adamnjen.com/images/smileys/smile.gif Stupid car, hey! Keeping my fingers crossed for good news on the job search.

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