Friday Rocked!

I had such a great day on Friday.  I was so incredibly happy that my WHOLE family was able to come down for my graduation.  Rachel & Aaron couldn’t come down cuz they had to work but everyone else was there.  Adam’s mom even came down.  They all sat right in the right front row.  My speech went pretty good.  I was nervous as heck & it took a while for me to compose myself.  Well, I couldn’t compose myself cuz I wanted to start giggling right at the beginning.  I promised that I’d upload my speech and create a link from here so here ya go – my graduation speech.

After the ceremony everyone came over to my house for a little get-together.  Adam cooked his heart out during the day on Friday.  He made me the most incredible cake… a SNOWMAN!!!! (how much does my hunny love me?!)

Now that graduation has come & gone, the reality sunk in.  I have a degree.  I can hardly keep from crying myself.  It’s guess it’s so hard to believe because all of my dreams were shattered when my ex-husband & I separated almost 5 years ago.  Obtaining a degree was one of those dreams.  Now when I tell my fiance that I couldn’t have done it without him, it’s exactly that.  It’s funny what a difference it makes when the person you love believes in you & wants you to succeed.

Anyway….. LOL!

Adam & I are going to see the Radio City Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular today at the Milwaukee Theater with Bonnie & Stephie.  Bonnie bought me the tickets as a graduation gift.  I’m so excited!!!  I wanted to go see them so badly but we just couldn’t afford the tickets.  About a week ago when I saw it listed on the event calendar in Bonnie’s blog, I almost started crying cuz she was going & I couldn’t.  She was just being sneaky. lol.

Here are a few pictures during & after the ceremony.  Most of our pictures turned out really dark so I’m hoping I can snag some from one of the other family members.  I don’t have one of me giving my speech or receiving my degree. :(

I suppose I should get motorin’… I have lots to do before Bonnie & Steph get here.  Ciao!

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7 Responses to Friday Rocked!

  1. Sharon says:

    KK ~ Hope you enjoyed the Rockettes today! I was glad to see some of your Graduation pics posted. Got a kick out of the chocolate snowman! ; D The one of the siblings is awesome! In fact, it’s the only photo I’ve seen in a long time that I actually like the way I look in it! Of everyone that was taking pics, I wonder if anybody got one that didn’t turn out so dark. I’d really like a print of that one. Does anyone in the family have a program that can “fix” the dark lighting???

  2. Kurt says:

    I can photoshop it and see what I can do then send the file back to Jen…btw who is that Geek in front of you when your fixing your tassle?

  3. Kurt says:

    OK…I fixed it. So now Jen just has to post it or get it to you

  4. Lori says:

    Woohoo *O/* Kit Kat has her degree. ~*CONGRATS*~ to you!!! I’m so proud of you! YOU are awesome!!

  5. Mooselyn says:

    Hey babe! Its me April LOL. Your pictures are great congrats again on your graduation and I am soo proud of ya:)

  6. Pamla says:

    Jennie, I was very impressed with your speach and sorry I wasn’t able to attend. I am really glad you had such a nice turn out though. The speach was very professional and impressive. I laughed my head off when I seen that cake. It was funny and had Adam’s style written all over it. Too funny. I like the cereal accents. That’s Adam for you. Makes me laugh. I am proud of you and happy for the both of you. Continue to follow your dreams, you’ll get more cakes that way.

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