No Chicken Noodle Soup For Me, Please

I can’t tell you how much I wish I could eat normal food & get back to normal life.  I’m so tired of canned chicken noodle soup, rice, potatoes, bread, crackers, and everything tasteless & bland.  I’m tired of getting winded after only about 15-30 minutes of any activity whatsoever.  I’m tired of feeling like my chest is gonna cave in if a gust of cold wind hits my face.  I’ve lost 7 pounds from Sunday to yesterday – that’s not entirely bad but holy crap.  At least I’ll be able to fit into my wedding dress without squeezing again.

I want so bad to eat a good home-cooked meal without my stomach turning for an hour afterward – I’d even settle for homemade chicken soup.  I want to get out of the house & enjoy myself before I loose my mind.  I want to do something Christmas-y before Christmas comes and goes (this is the first time in my life that I have absolutely no Christmas Spirit & it sucks).  And most of all, I just want to hug & kiss & cuddle up to my boyfriend.

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