Sunday Brunch… On Monday


1.  How many people and pets live in your home?  2 people, 2 doggies

2.  Do you rent, own or live at home?  Rent

3.  How many rooms are in your house? 2 Bedrooms, a small kitchen, a dining room, small living room & a basement.

4.  Is there enough room in your house to comfortably accommodate

overnight guests?
  Depends on how many guests…  We had slightly cramped quarters for sleeping arrangements when 3 of my sisters & my brother stayed with us last Monday night.  We have 2 extra beds, an airmattress, & a couch so everyone fit okay.

5.  How close do your neighbors live?  Do you know them well and are

they welcome in your home?
  On the other side of the house!  We live in a duplex. LOL.  They’re pretty nice people.  I wouldn’t mind if they came in our home.  Other then them, we don’t know any of the neighbors.

Source:  Sunday Brunch

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