Weekend Wrap-up

For the most part it was a pretty good weekend.  Friday night I found out that I made Highest Honors afterall AND Adam won $500 at the casino so we went out to celebrate.  I think the smoke irritated my cold because my throat was a little scratchy again.

Saturday afternoon Adam & I stopped by to visit his niece on our way to Appleton to go shopping.  She’s so cute… she climbed all over me while we were there. LOL.  While we were in Appleton we ate at our favorite Japanese Restaurant and stopped at the Fox River Mall.  Adam bought me a shirt from Gap as an early birthday present.  Here’s a pic – yup, I got a pink shirt.  We also stopped at White Barn Candle Company and picked up some Spiced Cider Wallflower Refills.  YUMMMMM smile  We grabbed 2 boxes because they are always out.  On our way home we called Andy & Vicky & met them out for a couple hours.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling crappier then ever.  Cough, Hack, Wheeze, Sniff, Cough….  Adam gave me some cold medicine so I layed down all afternoon and watched the Packers kick some Lions butt. <sidenote> I’m very excited to see that I’m in the runnin’ to win this week’s pool!  I had some pretty good guesses! *giggle* </sidenote>  After the game we went to Andy & Vicky’s for a while cuz Adam wanted to go check out a lake with Andy.  I stayed with Vicky and watched America’s Funniest Home Videos. smile  When we got home all the coughing & hacking started again.  Adam gave me more cold medicine & I slept on the couch.  My poor throat hurts from coughing so much & I don’t have a voice. :(

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  1. Bonnie says:

    $500 … holy sh*t!

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