Flower Frustration

I’m sooooooooo sleepie!  I stayed up entirely too late last night.  Adam had to work late so I started working on a wedding project.  We purchased some terra cotta flower pots to use for the cupcake stand and I started painting them white.  I didn’t get too far, though.  In fact, I only have one done. LOL.  I have to buy a bigger paint brush so it doesn’t take so stinkin’ long.

Once I got bored with painting the flower pots with an itty bitty paint brush I started my search for flowers… again.  Adam doesn’t remember what a boutonneire looks like so I had to find pictures of those.  He doesn’t want me to just pick something for him just in case he doesn’t like it. *rolling eyes* LOL.  How in the world can a boutonneire with just a rose be so hidious that he wouldn’t like it? LOL.

Anyway… I’m also trying to decide if I want to have different flowers for the maid of honor/best man or have them the same as the bridesmaids/groomsmen for simplicity sake.  Once I pick out the flowers I have to figure out how to coordinate them with the flowers I want on the cupcake stand.  This is tough work, seeing as I’m not a flower type person.  For fall & winter weddings I have 50,000,000 ideas for flowers & decorating.  Spring & summer suck (in my opinion).  To stay with the season everything is flowers, flowers, flowers.  Patoooey.  I think this is the same reasoning behind the fact that I never decorating for spring and summer… only fall & winter. lol.  Leaves & evergreens for me, baby!  Think it would be too off the wall to do a fall or winter wedding theme in the spring? ROFLMAO.

I’m kidding.  I’m not THAT crazy irritated about it.  I know what type of flowers I like.  I just haven’t seen any arrangements that jump up & slap me in the face. :-D

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