Whew.  What a fast lunch I had today.  I had to go shopping REALLY quick for Adam’s neice’s birthday present.  She’s 1 year old today.  I picked up a really cute denim outfit, a cute white shirt that says “Sweetie”, and a little Love-A-Lot Care Bear. :-D I think it’s so cool how they’re bringing back Stawberry Shortcake & the Care Bears.  I use to love them when I was little!! :-D

Anyway… LOL.  I seem to keep steering off course today… Adam & I are going to her birthday party tonight.  His mom & sister are down.  I think his mom is staying the night.  I’m gonna have to power clean the house when I get home from work.  I was too wrapped up in wedding stuff last night & forgot to do it! *gasp*

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Wanna come power clean my house too? :D

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