Snip, Snip

Yahooooo!  I got my haircut yesterday. LOL!  I ended up having to talk to Danielle & her hubby 3 times because I kept getting lost on my way to the Salon. *giggle*  I didn’t get much cut off but what a difference!  Dan rocks! :-D

Danielle & I also got some time to hang out.  We went grocery shopping and made dinner at her house… Indian Tacos. YUMMMY!!!  I was so excited.  She taught me how to make Fry Bread. YEEEEEEE HAW!  I’ve been wanting to learn forever.  Her boys are getting so big.  Courtland is almost 8 years old and Julian is already 11 AND today is her & Dan’s 10th Anniversary! WOWIE!  I feel old. lmao.

<sidenote>   HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY DANIELLE & DAN!   </sidenote>

We also chatted a little about the wedding.  We were trying to decide how to schedule the bridal shower & bachelorette parties so the out of towners wouldn’t have to make too many trips.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t mind having the bachelorette party in Escanaba (cuz the shower will be there) but Esky sucks so I want to have it in Green Bay or Appleton. LOL.

I ended up losing track of time so I didn’t leave Stevens Point until after 9:00!! lol.  I got home just before 11:00.  The last 1/2 hour of the drive kinda sucked cuz I got an unbelievable headache.  The stupid thing even woke me up twice last night.

So, anyway…. I’m here at work… happy with my new haircut (the first non-chop job I’ve had in about a year).  I’m in a better mood cuz I have this week off school & don’t have to go back until Wednesday.  I’m putting a little count down on here as soon as I find out what my last day of school is. *giggle*

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I need my hair cut really bad too. Gotta wait til my appointment on Wed. Hard to believe Danielle and Dan have been married for 10 years!!!

    Too cool!!! You learned how to make frybread!!

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