Relaxing Weekend

Adam & I had a pretty nice Labor Day Weekend.  Since I wasn’t able to blog everyday, here’s what we did…


Right after work I cruised up to Green Bay.  I had to stop at a few places before going home.

First stop – Verizon Wireless kiosk in Bay Park Square.  I had to get a new phone after running over my other one.  I picked up a Motorola T730c phone & renewed my contract.  I luv my new phone. grin  On my way there my sister, Bonnie, called and asked me to pick up some Power Ball tickets for her & she’d split with me if she won. lol

Second stop – ITT to drop of some Econ homework and to find out when I’d get my new schedule.  The schedules were mailed out on Monday, August 25. sigh  I hoped I wasn’t having mail issues again.  For a while my mail was getting return undeliverable… tuition bill, credit card bill, phone bill, paycheck… it was ugly.

Third stop – Home!!  Adam got home just before I did.  I asked him if he checked the mail.  He said, “Yeah, it was just junk mail.”  I explained to him that I was waiting for my schedule from ITT when he said, “Oh yeah, maybe that was in there, too.”  thwap LOL!  I almost fell over when I was scheduled for FOUR classes from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I made a quick mental note to myself to contact the school because I was scheduled for a class I transferred in.  YAY!  I only have 3 classes but BOO! I have a sucky schedule.  Anyway… We got everything packed as quickly as we could, put the canoe on the car, grabbed the dogs, and hit the road.  (Making a quick stop to pick up Bonnie’s Power Ball tickets) The trip up was pretty uneventful.  We got to Adam’s mom’s house around midnight.


I woke Adam up around 10:00 Saturday morning.  I told him the one thing I wanted to make sure we took care of this trip was to stop & get prices on rings.  Adam’s mom also told us that she was able to get tomatoes for canning & that Adam’s Aunt Julie had some extra bushels that she wanted to sell.  Then she gave us a list of stuff to buy so I could can stewed tomatoes with her.  Our first stop was Richardson Jewelers.  They didn’t sell the ring that Adam wanted but Adam was able to get a price for them to design my ring.  He was pretty happy with it… said it was cheaper then anywhere down here.  I wasn’t allowed to sit in during the conversation because he wants my ring to be a surprise so I was sent over to Land ‘o Lakes to see if they had ores & life jackets.  They didn’t so my little shopping excursion ended quickly.  Afterward, we went to the Chinese Buffet to eat lunch.  Then made a quick stop to drop off Bonnie’s Power Ball tickets.  After stopping a few other places in town (had to get another ore so we could go canoeing) we went out to the casino for a while then back up to Adam’s mom’s.


Sunday morning I woke up bright & early to help Adam’s mom can stewed tomatoes.  We finished up about a bushel and a half right around noon.  Adam’s mom made us pancakes while I was in the shower.  After “breakfast” Adam & I went canoeing at Chicago Lake past Rapid River.  When we got back to the house later that evening we tried to get ahold of Adam’s mom to go out to eat with us… at the Chinese Buffet, of course.  She was already on her way home so we had to try to catch her on the highway.  We finally saw her as we were pulling into Escanaba… then had to chase her almost all the way back to Gladstone to catch her. ROFL!  We were going to go to the show afterward but I read the paper wrong and we were about 20 minutes late so we just got movies & went back to the house.


Monday morning I woke up around 10:00 and found Esther canning more stewed tomatoes.  I jumped in to help her so she could get finished up.  Adam’s sister, her little boy, and her boyfriend came over around noon and we had a cookout.  After we filled our tummies we showered, packed up the car and head home.

Overall it was a nice, relaxing weekend. :D

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