I decided to go through my purse today to see how many Subway stamps I have.  I was hoping to have enough to be able to get a free sub today.  Well, I did… and much, much more! hehe.  I have almost enough to fill up 3 cards.  I’m pretty sure if I dig around in my car, I’ll find 2 more stamps.  My tongue feels kinda nasty from lickin’ the darn things though.  *pa-tooey*

This weekend was reaaaaallly long.  Adam & I drove home on Saturday to go to his mom’s deck party.  Adam’s uncle built her a new deck that wraps around her house.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  I though for sure that the party would be rained out but it didn’t.  It got REALLY hot instead.

Once we left the deck party, we stopped by to visit Adam’s cousin Claude & his family.  Claude is going to be Adam’s best man & Claude’s daughter Julie is going to be our flower girl.  Julie is soooooo excited that she didn’t stop talking the entire time we were there. LOL. smile

We left Claude’s and went to my sister Jeanne’s house for a bonfire.  By the time we got there Bonnie already left.  I was kinda bummed.  My brother also decided not to go this time. :(  Oh well… more s’mores for the rest of us!! hehe.

We got home suuuuuper late Saturday night – okay, like 4:00 Sunday morning.  We ended up sleeping until 1:30 yesterday afternoon.  My sister Sharon stopped by to pick up the rest of her stuff & let us know one of the dogs she showed took his first point.  She was pretty excited seeing as she was up against some professional handlers. smile

Anyway… since I slept so late yesterday, I didn’t get much accomplished.  I’m working on a new photo gallery for the main site.  I’m too lazy to write one myself & the one I found works just dandy.  I’m hoping to have it up & running by the end of the week.

I’m moving servers in the next couple of days.  So if you don’t see my posts & they suddenly appear, you know why. smile

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  1. Jeanne says:

    YUMMMY Subway! Send one of them cards my way! :D

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