This-Or-That Tuesday

1) DVD or VHS? DVD

2) Best Literary/Movie Villan: Voldemort (Harry Potter) or Sauron (LoTR)? ummmm, i dunno

3) Meat: rare or well-done? Medium ;-D

4) High Speed Internet-Cable or DSL? Cable cuz I can’t get DSL

5) Women: 1-piece bathing suit or Bikini? Bikini someday

6) To be fair—Men: Boxers or briefs? Boxers :-D

7) Beer or Liquor/Wine? Liquor/Wine – unless I’m hungover like last weekend, then I’ll drink a beer cuz I’ll drink it slow.

8) Coke or Mountain Dew?  Diet Coke

9) In honor of my 10/18/03 nuptials: Morning or Afternoon/Night Wedding? Afternoon/Night Wedding

10) Carpet or Hardwood Floors? Tile :-D

11) American cars or foreign? Hmmmm… foreign

12) Cutest TV Twin: Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen? Ummm.  eiw?

13) Coffee: Caffeinated or Decaf?  CAFFEINATED

14) Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: Computers: Do they make life better or worse? Why?  They make life better until they crash.  Then they suck.

Source: This-Or-That.Org

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