Last night Adam & I went fishing for a while.  We decided to check out a little pond at the N.E.W. Zoo to see what type of spot it would be to take Seanie.  It is just a catch & release pond because all of the fish are so small.

It was only my second time fishing.  We had a lot of fun.  Adam humored me & put the worms on the hook for me because I though touching the worms would be the grossest thing ever.  The poor guy was constantly putting worms on the hooks because those sneaky little fishies kept robbing us.  One time, however, I did put the worm on the hook because Adam was reeling a fish in. YUCK.  Slimy little creatures.  THEN – as soon as I cast I got a bite and was robbed again.  So… I had to put the worm on the hook again.  But this time I got the willies cuz the worm wrapped itself around my finger.  My hero rescued me from the squiggly beast after I let out a little “EIIIIIIIW”.  But, of course, he made me touch a fish later to make up for it. ROFL.  He got a kick out of me trying to toss the fish back into the water.  I emphasized trying because I was so grossed out at how slimy they were as well & only tossed it about a foot offshore. hehe.  I tried to be brave after that & was going to take a hook out of a fish I caught (yes, he did that for me, too).  I got frustrated having to chase the little bugger around as it was flailing around on the ground so I asked Adam for help again. LOL

It started getting buggy out around 8:00 but I didn’t want to quit fishing.  I was having too much fun.  I finally got the swing of casting the line around that time (I almost tossed the pole in the water on my second attempt but – shhhhhhh – don’t tell Adam).  The family that was fishing nearby just left.  Their poor little boy that was about 3 years old got a fishing hook caught on his shorts really close to his junk.  The dad had to borrow some pliers from Adam to get the hook out of his shorts, finding out that it was also hooked through the kid’s undies.  Their 2 daughters didn’t want to leave because they still had worms left.

We ended up using the last of our worms & called it a night around 8:30.  I can’t wait to go again.  I think Seanie will have lots of fun at this lake.  I do hope he’s careful & doesn’t hook his shorts like that little boy, though!

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