Quick Me Update:

Quick Me Update:

Work:  WOO HOOO!  I got a new job!  I start on Monday.

School:  WOOOO HOOOO!  I got a 4.0 GPA last quarter, my overall is now 3.92.  I love all three of my classes this quarter and have 2 awesome instructors.  YAY!

Home:  WOO HOOO!  Adam finally has my desk done!  Now all I have to do is paint it!

Personal:  I’m debating on what certification I want to tackle first…  A+ (geared toward a PC tech), Network+, or MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).  I’ve got a good start on studying for all three of them.  My goal is to have one of of those certifications the end of summer.  I’m leaning more toward Network+ or MCP because of the degree I’m getting.

Life is good. smile

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