WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  My hard drive died!!!! :(  The dead kinda died where it won’t spin.  It shows no sign of life whatsoever.  I have a back up from a year or so ago but anything current is gone.  I was trying to install Windows XP and was getting weird errors that you normally wouldn’t get.  My CD Burner wasn’t working so I couldn’t burn anything to CD so I was going to install on XP one partition (“drive”) then copy everything over to Adam’s computer so I could do a clean install & restore.  No such luck.  It died before I could get XP to successfully installed. *sniff*  I can rebuild my Favorites and have a copy of a few other important documents stored elsewhere so that’s okay.  I’m just bummed cuz I lost a cute love letter that my honey sent me when we first started dating.  That letter has survived over 3 years of formatting and restoring only to become victim of a hardware failure.  *sniff*  I’ve also lost all of the pictures that I had scanned and all my email.  I’m still ill (yeah, I was literally ready to vomit yesterday).  On top of that – I had my first weight gain this week.

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