Long Week

What a long week.  I received an email from my sister, Bonnie, last week that a former co-worker was murdered.  I drove up north yesterday so I could attend the funeral.  I couldn’t stay very long cuz I got kind of woozie & light headed.  I was really happy that Bonnie came with me.  I have a really hard time going to funerals since my mom passed away.  On top of that, I knew my ex-hubby and his wife would be there.

So, I figured as long as I was up there I’d visit a few people.  I stopped by Adam’s sister’s house & played with her little boy.  He’s two years old & so funny… such a mimic.  I had my chin resting on my hand so, of course, he had to copy what I was doing.  I also stopped by Jeanne’s for a while.  I almost hit a deer about 1/4 mile from her house.  I about had a heart attack. LOL.  I briefly got to see my niece & nephew.  Aaron went upstairs & Rach was out bumming.  But, I got Rachel’s senior pic.  :-D!!  I HAD to pic the one in her cheerleading sweater – that was an obvious choice. hehe.  I also got some ideas on graduation gifts for her.  It seems like yesterday that she was 3 years old & I was doing her hair and makeup to make her look pretty. *sniff*  Now she’s gonna be 18 next month & graduating in 3… *sniff, sniff*

After I got done with all my visiting I hit the road… only to find out it was a snowy mess.  Thank goodness it cleared up after about 1/2 hour.  It only took me about 5 minutes longer then normal to get home.  I was dead tired and went to bed by 10:30.  So much for my workout! :(

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