BRRRRRRRRR  I woke up this morning to the news lady saying it was 6 below with a 26 below windchill.  I just dread pulling myself out of bed to go into work.  I stayed home sick yesterday.  I woke up with the most awful stomach ache.  I think I slept until almost 11:00.  I felt somewhat better so I ate some lunch around noon.

Adam bought a new battery for my car on Tuesday night.  It starts like a champ now.  The car is a ‘96 with almost 111,000 miles on it and it had the original battery in it.  So, yeah, I can see where it was time to get a new one.  It so nice being able to jump in & start it without having to try & try & try to get it to turn over.  I was a bit confused this morning when I jumped in and the clock said “1:00”.  Darn clock reset. Grrr.  I was happy my radio stations didn’t reset as well.  That’s such a PITA to try to set those again.  Although, I was a briefly irritated when the radio was on AM instead of FM because I thought it reset. *whew*  It was quite the tramatic 10 seconds I had while starting my car this morning.

Tonight I’ll be studying for my Linux mid-term.  It shouldn’t be too hard of an exam.  From what I understand, it is multiple choice and he uses questions right from our homework with really obvious answers.

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