Tuesday This-or-That

Tuesday This-or-That:  Potpourri
1. Super Bowl or World Series? Super Bowl
2. Winter or summer? Summer – & it can’t get here fast enough.
3. Look up numbers in the phone book, or call directory assistance? Phone Book
4. Mashed potatoes or French fries? Both – there aren’t many ways I don’t like potatoes.
5. Hand-code your website, or use an editor (such as Front Page)? Both – I use an editor because I’m lazy for the basic HTML code.  Hand code to “tweak” it or add scripting
6. Freeway or winding country road? Both – depends on what I’m traveling for.
7. Star Wars or Star Trek? Neither – but Star Wars if I’m forced to choose.
8. Disney or Warner Brothers cartoons? Both
9. When it feels chilly in the house: crank up the heat or put on a sweater? Both – lol
10. CBS or PBS? CBS

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