It’s Cold.
Cold Cold Cold Cold Cold Cold Cold.  Did I happen to mention that it’s cold?  It is 4 degrees out side, -10 with the windchill.  YOIKES.  My poor car didn’t want to start this morning.  Neither did I, really.  LOL.  I just wanted to stay in bed.  It would have been really nice have been able to stay curled up in the blankets all day long.  I may get that soon enough, though.  Rumor has it that they’re going to start letting some of the Limited Term Employees go at work soon… I also found out they give you pretty much no notice.  I wasn’t too impressed with that whole concept.  I can see why so many of the LTEs that have left just leave without notice.

*shiver*  I’m gonna go get some Hot Cocoa.

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