1. Lose Weight
This is an important one for me. I got a jump start & joined Weight Watchers in December so I could be in the swing of things by the time the New Year starts. Even with the holidays, I’ve already lost 1 pound (that I recorded… I think I’ve actually lost 5).

2. Graduate College
This is a given as long as I stay in school… I’ll achieve it by December 2003.

3. Exercise 3 times/week
That would be an extra 12 points per week that I can eat! Motiviation! (Dairy Queen, here I come!)

4. Enter a bike tour
Even if it is a small one. My poor bike got lonely last summer. Plus, it will help me achieve #3 during the summer and #3 will help me condition over the winter.

5. Learn new software and programming languages
I want to learn Flash and Dreamweaver (web development). I also want to learn at least one new programming language – probably web development related.

6. Redesign my current web sites
I plan to start the whole design from scratch on both to make them more functional.

7. Develop a small program
I haven’t made up my mind what I want the program to do yet. I’ve thought about recreating the Purchasing database I developed for the casino using Visual Basic and having all the cool features I want in it – like ePurchase Orders. I’m still tossing the ideas for this one around…

8. Blog More

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