I’m Lazy

I haven’t posted in a while… So I decided to make this my post for today:

1) Ever been so drunk you blacked out: I think so.
2) Been hurt emotionally: STUPID JERK!
3) Kept a secret from everyone: ME?! Keep a secret?!
4) Had an imaginary friend:  no
5) Cried during a Movie: Just a lil tear
6) Had a crush on a teacher:  nope
7) Ever thought an animated character was hot?: no. roflmao
8) Had a New Kids on the Block tape: Yes
9)Been on stage:  yes grin
10)Cut your hair yourself: When I was a wee lil girl

11) Shampoo:  Aveda
12) Color:  Purple and Sage
13) Day/Night:  Night!!!!!!!
14) Summer/Winter:  Both
15) Lace or satin:  satin ? lace is too itchy
16) Fave cartoon Characters:  don?t have one
17) Favorite Food:  Italian or Chinese
18) Fave movie:  While You Were Sleeping
19) Fave Ice Cream:  Chocolate
20) Fave School Subject:  Computer Anything
21) Fave ‘normal’ Drink:  Water or Hot Cocoai
22) Fave Persons to talk to online:  All my buddies!

23) Wearing:  blue & white stripped sweater, jeans, black boots and a bra that?s irritating the hell outta me.
24) Hair is:  the top is pulled back so it doesn?t get stuck on the headset ? that hurts
26) Eating: Nuttin ? but trying to think of what to make for a quick dinner
27) Drinking: Hot Cocoa
28) Thinkin about: what to make for a quick dinner

31) Cried:  nope
32) Worn a skirt:  nope
33) Met someone New: yes
34) Done laundry:  Yup
35) Drove a car:  yes

36) LOVE:  Most definately
36) Yourself: YES I DO!
37) Your friends: of course ? the ?real? ones, anyway
38) Santa Clause: yup!
39) Tooth Fairy:  sometimes
40) Destiny/Fate:  Yup
41) Angels/God: yup
42) Ghosts:  yup
43) UFOs:  *running*

44) Like anyone?:  yes ? my hunny, of course
45) Who’s the loudest:  Snort
46) Who’s the weirdest:  Adam
47) Who do you go to for advice:  Adam or my sisters
48) Who do you cry to:  Adam
49) What’s the best feeling in the world:  Knowing I have accomplished a few goals, and knowing I have made my family proud.
50) Worst feeling:  losing someone you love

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