Chit-Chat (again)

What a fun weekend!  Our dinner on Saturday went very well.  We only had about half of the people we were originally planning for so we have TONS of left overs.  Saturday night after Bonnie & Dave left we went to the zoo for their Christmas Light display. OOOOOOOOH was it ever cold out! LOL.  We pert’near froze our tooshies off!  LOL.  Pauline, Stan and Sean left yesterday before the game so Adam & I watched it by ourselves.  Boy… the way the first half went, I thought the Bears were going to kick the Packers butts.  They did much better in the second half.  I do have to say that I was pretty amazed that Adam sat & watched the whole game with me.  He was never really into football much.

This morning I started working out again.  I really wanted to start last night but my knee has been giving me issues since last week.  I don’t know what the heck was up with that.  So, when I did the workout this morning, I took it easy so I wouldn’t strain my knee.  I’m happy its feeling better today.  I really didn’t want to postpone working out again.  I have my Chunkie-Butt blog somewhat done… go here to check it out.  I thought it turned out pretty cute myself.

I guess I should get heading back to work…  Well, I’m at work but I should find something constructive to do. lol.

Later Gators!

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