Weekend Update

Well I had a pretty fun weekend.  Sean was an absolute blast.  When they got here on Friday, we tried on our aprons for baking cookies.  He wanted to bake cookies right then.  So I had to explain to him that we’d bake cookies after the parade the next morning.  Saturday morning, I woke everyone up at 7:00 a.m. and we went down to the parade.  It was pretty fun again.  It was pretty cold & everyone froze this time, though.  When we got back from the parade Sean grabs his apron & says, “Time to make cookies!”  Again, I had to explain that we’d be doing that later because he was going with his Dad & Uncle Adam for a while.  Well… that little smartie pants set me straight and told me I said after the parade. LOL.  But, since he was going to Chuck E Cheese & see Harry Potter, he was okay with that.

When they got back we baked cookies.  It was so much fun.  We HAD to wear our special aprons.  He picked out the material.  His had candy canes, mine had snowmen. lol.  After that we painted for a while and watched some movies.

Since the cookies needed time to cool, we decorated them Sunday morning.  Sean did a great job decorating a reindeer.  He was so proud of it that he took it in the living room to show his dad.  Well, on the way back, he dropped it & it broke.  He was so sad.  I managed to “glue” the part of the antlers that the dogs didn’t eat back onto the reindeer with frosting.  I cleaned up our mess and went upstairs to work on Pauline’s computer.  While I was up there, Sean broke the antlers off my reindeer cookie, “glued” them onto his reindeer then had his mom eat the evidence so I wouldn’t find out. ROFLMAO.  It was so cute.  What a sly lil boy.  Here’s a pic of him… isn’t he cute?!

So that was my weekend…  Tonight I’ll be taking my last final as soon as I get off work.  Then I’m going home & pulling out some of the Christmas decorations.  I want to get SOME stuff up before Thanksgiving.  I spent so much time on my little computer in the past 3 weeks that I want little to do with it while I’m home – at least not until later at night.  I have to go grocery shopping either tonight or tomorrow, too. Yucky.  I’m not looking forward to that.  I have LOTS of stuff to buy.

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