Last night’s exam went much better then the exam I took on Tuesday.  I was pretty happy for that.  A few of us got together after class for some drinks & such.  It was a good time.

This morning I updated Adam ‘n Jen.  I’m pretty happy with it.  I didn’t feel like cleaning so I just played on my puter for a while.  I missed it. LOL.  I have been doing entirely too much homework & not enough playing.  I ordered a book so I can learn Flash MX.  I just looked on UPS & it was delivered about 20 minutes ago.  WOO HOO!!!  I can’t wait to learn Flash.  I’m gonna be a Flashin’ fool when I’m done.  Well… I need to clarify… I’ll be using Flash a lot once I learn it.  I won’t be “flashin” anyone. tee hee *blushing*

I need to find the webset that I wanted to use for Chunkie Butt’s Chatter, too.  I can’t remember the name of the site where I found it.  The webset had something to do with a Fat Farm. LOL.  It was very cute.  It had fat sheep, fat cows… a barn…  I’ll have to keep looking.  I’m pretty bummed I didn’t bookmark it because it had some really cute stuff!  If any of you know the set I’m talking about, let me know!!!

Later taters!

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