It’s cold.  It is very, very cold.  We’ve had snow that stuck to the ground a couple times this week.  Thank goodness it went away.  All I’ve been wanting to do is curl up in front of the TV (or my ‘puter) in my jammies & wrap up in a warm blanket, sippin on a cup of hot tea or hot cocoa.  I’ll be glad when we’re done rearranging the duplex for the holidays.  We’re going to move the big screen tv and the computers upstairs then move his 32” tv, entertainment center, and the rocking chair downstairs.  What an ordeal… to accomplish all of this, we’ve had to clean – alot. LOL.  My doggies are furry lil beasties!  There is hair everywhere.  Although I don’t know who’s shedding worse – me or them.  One day I’m gonna pop on here & cry “I’m baaaaaaaaald!” LOL.  Not really… but most days I really don’t know how I can lose the hair that I do and still have a full head full.

SO – back to my original thought – I’ll be glad when we’re done rearranging cuz that means the fireplace won’t be blocked anymore and we can start it up and get nice and toasty warm. :o) WOO HOO!  Mmmmmm…. Nice hot fire, big fluffy blanket, warm flannel jammie pants, cup o’ hot cocoa, doggies sitting next to me, doggies lickin’ my face, getting annoyed, move from the floor to the couch, doggies follow, adam follows, lose the blanket cuz there’s not enough room for all of it on the couch, hot cocoa is now cold, I’m cold… What happened?!?!  I was having a perfectly good dream there!  lol

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