Fall Fever

Fall Fever hit! :o)

Sunday night I finally made something apple… I dove in and made my very first apple pie.  Ohhhhhhh, let me tell you, it was sooooo yummy!!  Adam & I ate 1/2 the pie last night! tee hee.  I think I’m going to have to bake another one.

Last night we trimmed the bushes in front of the duplex.  It looks pretty good if I must say so myself.  And the cedar smelled sooooooo good.  Boy do I miss burning cedar boughs on the fireplace. mmmmmmm.  Anyway… LOL… After we finished trimming the bushes we put the hay bales out.  Now we have to go buy pumpkins and finish decorating the yard for Halloween.  Adam’s witch is going to be so funny!  I’m making a few gravestones out of plywood, too.  I hope we’re around for Trick-or-Treating this year.  I’m not quite sure when it is.  I’ll have to find out.  I’ve been accusing my friend Dawn of rubbing off on me… I never really cared for Halloween & she loves it.  In fact, it has been years since I’ve handed out candy!  I know, I know.. Bad Kit-Kat!

This weekend we’re heading out to Minneapolis to see Dawn and Ben.  I’m so excited!  It has been almost a year since we’ve seen them!!  They bought a new house a few weeks ago.  She’s been showing me some of the decorations/furniture here & there.  I’m still trying to decide what to bring with as a house warming gift.  The trip there is going to absolutely beautiful with the way all the leaves are changing colors.

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