Archive Are Working

Yipee!!! I finally got my archives workin’.  *whew*  What a task that was!  It might not have been so bad if I would have followed directions the first time but – y’know me – I like taking “shortcuts”.

Class went pretty well today after missing last week.  I was a bit stressed because I didn’t understand some of the material since I missed last week but once he explained it, I was good to go!  We had a test I wasn’t expecting but I did okay on it, anyway.  I have half my assignment done for next week already. WOO HOO!

I’m not exactly looking forward to going back to work tomorrow… I stayed home for a couple days to try & get better.  It seemed to work because I’m feeling much better after lots & lots of sleep and taking new cold medicine.  I wish I could just take all week off!

I’m off to watch Frasier now since Adam recorded it for us to watch together!  :o)  Cya!

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